"It has been one of my goals since the mid-1990's to have a comprehensive case-management system which was designed by and for the end user--the trial attorney and his or her investigator. What I also wanted was a product that would be powerful enough and flexible enough to interface with the systems used by the courts, the prosecutors, the police and probation and other criminal justice partners. And finally, I wanted this system to be able to give management the information it needs to help us solve problems for the trial attorneys. Canyon Solutions' JcatsDefender succeeds in all these areas beyond all of my expectations. Canyon has truly given us a state-of-the-art product that is both simple to use and comprehensive in all its dimensions. With their continued support, Canyon makes this already wonderful product even better each time we ask for their help. This is one partnership that has succeeded beyond any of our initial expectations."

Steve Carroll, Public Defender
County of San Diego, California
Public Defenders Office



"The JcatsDefender system represents a giant leap forward in the capability of public defender case management systems and is the most modern, comprehensive, and powerful such system ever developed for a public defender office. The various modules of this program, starting with the Dependency module, were developed over a three year period through the combined efforts of staff from the Public Defender, the Alternate Public Defender, and Canyon Solutions, Inc. of Phoenix, Arizona. JcatsDefender
sets a new standard in the field and is likely to advance the state of the art in case management systems for other public defender offices as they adopt the program or develop systems of their own with similar designs.

JcatsDefender provides dramatically improved immediate access to detailed case information for all department staff. It has also replaced paper-based processes with more efficient electronic processes in many areas and has established a base for accepting data imports from the courts, for linking to document imaging software, and for mobile access and data input in the future. Expense authorization requests are now prepared, submitted, reviewed, approved for payment, and tracked electronically without the use of paper forms. Likewise, investigation requests are prepared, submitted, assigned, and completed within JcatsDefender. Document capabilities allow for the automated generation of subpoenas, motions, and orders with the necessary case-specific information merged in. In addition, more than 100 statistical reports incorporating flexible data parameters can now be easily created by average users without programming expertise.

JcatsDefender uses a robust industry-standard Microsoft SQL database engine to easily support a large enterprise with over 500 users. JcatsDefender is also fully web-enabled and uses Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser as its familiar user interface. This approach dramatically simplifies both staff training and program maintenance. All updates are made once on the file server rather than having to make software changes to all desktops, as is the case in older client-server database designs. Hardware demands for desktops are also minimized, since the processing is all done on the server."

Robert Stall, Chief Deputy
Public Defender - Central
County of San Diego, California
Public Defenders Office



"The Council considers Canyon a partner rather than just another vendor. As a partner, Canyon has provided the Council and local juvenile courts a broad range of solutions beyond the basic case management software. In many instances, Canyon has identified and resolved issues that were well beyond the scope of their software support agreement. Canyon's same day response to problems is far and above better than any other software company the Council has used. In many cases problems are resolved within a couple of hours. Canyon's knowledge in juvenile court operations and management is invaluable. In several instances their recommendations have resulted in gains in productivity and effectiveness for many of our local juvenile courts."

William P. Jacobsen, Deputy Director
Council of Juvenile Court Judges of Georgia
Atlanta, Georgia



"Clayton County Juvenile Court is delighted to be associated with Canyon Solutions and is a long-time user of the Jcats program. Our relationship with Canyon since the first day has been that of partners, not customer and vendor. As such, Canyon has and continues to go beyond the terms of their agreement when supplying support, problem resolution, changes and new features. 

Our contact with the Canyon staff has always been on a virtually personal level and the response of the Canyon staff is always immediate regardless of the request. When necessary, communication takes place on a frequent, often daily, sometimes hourly basis. Most frequently, problems are resolved within one day, if not within a matter of hours. The ideas and suggestions provided by Canyon have in many instances been a much better solution than what we had envisioned. 

Canyon continues to help us customize our program and increase our work flow efficiency. Canyon’s knowledge and experience in the juvenile court field has been an integral part of their support and solutions. Because of the expertise and efforts of Canyon, our program has become an invaluable tool for our case management as well as court operations, court administration and data research. 

In addition, Canyon is always eager to assist us with the gathering of statistical information and in many instances provides additional related data not originally requested. Our computer center staff also has expressed the highest praise for the support and cooperation that Canyon extends involving issues such as data base maintenance, changes, hardware and technology. Canyon’s customer support is unparalleled when compared to other vendors and I would recommend Canyon and their products without reservation."

B. Keith Parkhouse
Director of Juvenile Court Services
Clayton County, Georgia


Receives California's Prestigious Program of the Year Award