Canyon's comprehensive case management solutions include the following:

 JcatsDefender - A Web-based comprehensive Public Defender solution. Canyon Solutions worked hand-in-hand with the County of San Diego Public Defender’s Advisory Committee to develop this solution. The Criminal, Juvenile Delinquent, and Mental Health modules have been in use since 2001 and have been adopted in many locations. 

• JcatsProsecutor - A web-based comprehensive Prosecutor solution. Canyon Solutions worked hand-in-hand with the State of Georgia’s Prosecuting Attorney Council to develop this solution. The solution has been in use since 2006. 

• JcatsDependency - A Web-based comprehensive Child Dependency/Child Advocacy solution. This product does case management at a family level and addresses each petition individually. This solution fully automates case management for dependant children providing calendar management, workflow, statistical data and financial management features as well as many other sought after features. This product has been in production since 1999. 

• JcatsCourt - Combines the best features of the AS400 version of Jcats with our Windows version of Jcats such as case and calendar management, risk assessment tools, document management, and personalized portals into the information required to make decisions in a web-enabled application using the latest technologies. 

• JcatsCircuit - The multi-Court version of JcatsCourt allows agencies to manage several Courts with a central pool of resources. For example, JcatsCircuit supports roaming calendars for judges who may support all the Courts in a particular circuit. With the click of a button, JcatsCircuit can provide Court-centric views of data as well as consolidated views across all Courts within the circuit. Additionally, JcatsCircuit provides summary reports for individual Courts as well as for circuits. 

• JcatsExchange - Allows agencies using JcatsCourt or JcatsCircuit to exchange information concerning juveniles in real-time. For example, prior to disposing a case, JcatsExchange will notify court officers of any prior history and/or outstanding issues parties have in other jurisdictions. 

• JcatsConnect - JcatsConnect allows JcatsCourt or JcatsCircuit installations to exchange information (e.g., Juvenile, Case, Hearing, etc.) to and from external agencies using a secure and reliable mechanism. 

• JcatsAnalysis - The previous Jcats components assist agencies in managing the day-to-day activities of their Court. JcatsAnalysis assists in the decision making process. JcatsAnalysis allows the agency to identify the historical trends of daily Court decisions and determine if policy changes are needed.